About Us

For over 58 years, CDI, Inc. has built a solid reputation as a solutions-oriented construction company throughout Central Indiana and Eastern Illinois.

We accommodate peak construction times with additional field construction workers as required. Our staff includes a core group of coordinators, project managers, cost estimators and administrative specialists working as a team and keeping sight of client goals. Our integrity in business dealings coupled with our professionalism and team approach to projects ensures the highest standards of quality, on time and within budget. We dedicate ourselves to assuring that the final product is a quality facility and precisely what the client requested.

Over 50+ Years in Business

Thousands of Projects

One Irrefutable Conclusion

We Know How to Build Anything

Built on a foundation of service to our clients and our local community, CDI continues to be a leader in construction services within the Wabash Valley area and beyond.

CDI, Inc. was established to fill a gap our founders saw in the construction and development of multi-family dwellings, elderly housing, and low-income housing. Senior housing complexes that stand today as monuments to CDI’s early efforts include Garfield Towers, Deming Center, Peddle Park and Maryvale. Looking to the future, CDI wishes to continue to strengthen our relationship with our local community, uphold our commitment to excellence, and establish a new and diverse clientele that continues to push us to excel in every aspect of our chosen field.

Why Choose Us?

Originally founded in 1961, CDI is a veteran-owned small business construction firm, with highly trained and skilled employees.

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